Founded in 1986 by the conductor and composer Javier Bello Portu, in collaboration with the Bayonne Cultural centre, the choir is known under the name of « Chœur du Pays Basque ». Its aim is to highlight the Basque polyphonic heritage.

The rehearsals started at the beginning of May 1986 and were held three times a week. On October 16th 1987, the choir took part in the opening of the first Basque choirs Festival in St Jean Baptiste Church in St Jean de Luz with Ninos Cantores from Navarra (children's choir) and Lagun Artean from Armurrio (men's choir). Six choirs attended this festival, five came from the other side of the Bidassoa river, the "Choeur du Pays Basque" was the only one to represent the French Basque Country.

In 1989 it took the name of « Bello Portu Korua ». In 1992, the choir toured Spain where they performed the « Petite messe solennelle » by Rossini: Pamplona, Cadix (at the 12th International Music Festival), Malaga, Santander. In that same year, in December, it was invited to take part in the "Festival Mondial des Choeurs" in Paris Bercy.

Since 1993, the choir has been conducted by Marie-José Goudard-Ardohain and has been called « XARAMELA » (its present name).

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